This is how the sampling works

You order an analysis at our checkout, hen you receive a sampling kit in the mail within a couple of working days. Within 1-3 weeks from the time your sample has arrived at our lab, you will receive an email informing you that you can log in to your personal page and view the analysis result. Together with your results, you will receive information about diet and nutritional supplements based on your gut flora profila which can benefit your intestinal flora.

The solution in the test tube lasts for one year (if you feel like postponing the sampling).

1. Order an analysis

You order an analysis of the gut flora here on our website.

2. Sampling at home

A sampling kit with instructions will be sent to your home. You can easily take the test at home whenever you want (the solution lasts for one year). Return the test tube in the return envelope. You need to put a stamp on the return envelope.

3. Analysis

Analysis takes place at Gutfeeling Labs in Lund. It takes 1-3 weeks to process the samples and compile the results.

4. Digital test results

When your sample has been analyzed, you will receive an email from us. You can then log in to your personal page to see the results. At the same time, you receive scientifically based information about diet and nutritional supplements that can help you influence your gut flora.

5. Follow-up

You can order a new sample at any time to monitor possible changes in your intestinal flora.

This is how you take the sample at home

Our sampling kit contains a paper funnel that is placed in the toilet. After taking a sample, it can be flushed down. The paper straw is biodegradable and environmentally friendly!

The sample is taken with a swab included in your sampling kit. The test tube contains a solution that kills the bacteria and stabilizes the bacterial DNA. It is this DNA that is used to identify the bacteria.

Then you put the test tube in a bag and send it in the accompanying envelope. You will need to put a stamp on the return envelope.

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Gut flora analysis

Order an analysis

Depending on your unique intestinal flora, you will receive advice on diet and dietary supplements to help benefit your gut bacteria.

Order an analysis