Let us take care of your stomach

We analyse the intestinal microbiome, give you customised dietary advice and balance your intestinal flora in case of IBS and SIBO.

Gutfeeling Labs was founded by us, two scientists in immunology and neuroscience, who began to see connections between gut flora and health.


Kosttillskott vid SIBO

Hans Fischer drabbades själv av SIBO

Regain a calm and harmonious stomach

By balancing your gut flora with GutClear®, dietary advice based on a subsequent gut flora analysis can better favour your beneficial bacterial flora in the colon (GutKit). With us you get an opportunity to regain a calm and harmonious stomach and digestion.

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We have analysed over 13.000 gut flora

We are a growing company that by now has already analysed the gut flora of over 13,000 Swedes. Through careful analyses and individually adapted dietary advice, we help you achieve a balanced and healthy intestinal environment.

In addition, we have developed an innovative dietary supplement specifically to address SIBO, an abnormal overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine, often caused by chronic stress. We have helped thousands get their stomachs in order. Just as we brush away irritating bacteria in the oral cavity, we occasionally need to clean our stomach.

When beneficial bacteria become gut trolls